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Project On Line’s target is to enhance your web presence by boosting your company’s brand name and image, offering added-value services through a responsive design in order to attract new customers to your company. .

Project On Line offers mobile presence solutions for all major platforms iOS and Android, which will help your business to remain on top of the current and emerging market trends.


“Integrated Hotel Suite” is an application created by Project On Line and is primarily targeted for luxurious and prestigious hotels which seek to offer additional services to their customers, while also promoting cross selling of their existing products/services.

Sitecore delivers a totally Web-based user experience, tailored to contemporary browsers and mobile devices. The interactive environment driving this experience is generated by AJAX and JavaScript and based on server-side components.

e.Centric our core application development and content management platform, is one of the very few providing "Single Input - Multi Channel Delivery" functionality, allowing customers to deploy and manage their on-line presence simultaneously and seamlessly in both the fixed and mobile channels.

The e.Learn platform offers a great deal of benefits to the organization of the training such as the ability to bring together and exploit the available educational resources that are usually scattered in different media, electronic files, folders and information systems.